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We offer both private buyers and investors a simple and cost-effective way to buy: sensibly priced properties for a quicker sale and quicker profit. Our job is to provide strategic advice on whether you’re looking to buy-to-let investment, invest in new or old development with a view to redevelop and sell the property, invest in secondary home or jump onto the property ladder or invest in mutual funds. No matter what you are; Investor or Private buyer we are open for business. We treat everybody individually because we value relationship.

Property Investment by Pattaya City Estates

Investing In Properties

Invest in New Luxury Condominium project in Pattaya City Centre. Pattaya City Estates are here to assist.

Investing In New Condominium

There are several new luxury condominium projects recently in progress in Pattaya. It is good investment if you are looking for long term return. This projects if carefully selected can delivery: Increase in property value after completion of realistic, approximately, 12%-14%, also good renting return between 6-10% p.a. This is a medium risk investment that can change rapidly to high or low.

Investing in Resale Properties. condominiums, house, villa in Pattaya City. Pattaya City Estates are here to help.

Investing In Resale Properties

Other property investment that can offer immediate investments return is buying ready to occupy luxury condominium or serviced apartments. Again if carefully selected this investment can realistically deliver between 6%-10% p.a. We called simply Location, Location, Location! This investment does not require very high amount of money as a start but offer Low risk and High security as well.

Investing in Luxury Holiday Villa in Pattaya City. Pattaya City Estates are here to help.

Investing In Holiday Villa

Holiday Villa with a beautiful pool and jacuzzi outdoor is also great way to secure your money. In this occasion you can have holiday home for yourself and renting property that can deliver really good return as 6%-10% p.a., but require high initial investment. Disadvantage is the Foreigners can not directly own the land and have to look for alternatives. This is also Low risk and Highly secure purchase.

Investing in mutual funds or stock market. Pattaya City Estates can advice and assist take the right decision investing in mutual funds.

Mutual Funds Investment

Where is better to invest? Question with many answers! At Pattaya City Estates we realise that any investment that has very low risk but reasonably good return is worth it. Thats why we have set Mutual Fund Investment Program that we manage ourselves and that guarantee realistic 5% risk free return per annum to our investors. We invest mainly in carefully selected Condominiums, Holiday Villas, Commercial Properties and completed projects ready for occupancy. We believe this is most secure investment.

Investing in Mutual Funds offer 5% per annum interest

How It Works

  1. Contact us via the phone or email for quick details of what you require and what you want to achieve.
  2. Book an appointment and meet in person in one of our offices or we can meet you at chosen by you location.
  3. Decide to invest with us. Please Note that there is minimum investment of 1.5 million Thai Baht to be able for us to invest in more interesting projects.
  4. Our solicitor will prepare the contracts as minimum of 12 months is required.
  5. Sign the contacts and transfer the money into our Business Bank Account.
  6. After 11 months we will contact you with relevant information if you are willing to continue or want your money back including the 5% Interest.

Specialised Services

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To ensure that our standard of services is continuously high, we work closely with our well established and experienced partners based in the UK – G&P London

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